mendelson RosettaNet solution

The mendelson RosettaNet solution gives you an easy and fast solution to communicate with your partners based on RosettaNet. It can be used as standalone module or integrated into the mendelson business integration.


  • RNIF 1.1 implementation
  • RNIF 2.0 implementation
  • Automatic processing and transmission of PIPs
  • Message encoding, digital signature
  • Secure or plain transmission (http/https)
  • Attachments

User interface

  • Partnermanagement
  • Key/certificate management
  • Monitoring
  • Separate log per PIP

In combination with the mendelson business integration you have access to the following functionality:

  • Conversion of rosettaNet messages to any inhouse-, flat- oder EDI format, any XML format
  • Integration to ERP systems
  • Workflowengine
  • Message identification

What is RosettaNet?

With billions of dollars transacted every year using RosettaNet standards, the organization's business process solutions are bringing unmatched efficiency to the supply chain.

Companies must carry out similar processes, such as ordering and shipping and receiving, in order to bring an entire universe of parts and components together and deliver finished goods to the end customer.

What does RosettaNet bring to you?

  • 100% error-free forecast-to-cash procurement processes
  • 80% reduction in manual transactions
  • 50% reduction in contract costs
  • Inventory level reduction from 4 to 2 weeks
  • Decrease in change orders from 16.5% to 7.8%
  • 50% reduction in administrative costs
  • 78% less shipments, lowering logistics costs
  • Reduction in planning time from 8 to 4 weeks
  • 50% reduction in transaction processing operations

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mendelson RosettaNet support

We help you to setup and test your RosettaNet solution with your RosettaNet partner. You also can test your settings against our RosettaNet server. Contact us to get further details.

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